Sunday Reflections 18/2/18


What went well? What went badly? What will you change?

Sometimes when we end the week on a bit of an overwhelmed note, or it has been marred by a world shocking event like the Florida shootings, it’s hopefully encouraging to remember that ‘it’s always darker before the dawn!’. like one speaker put it, perhaps we are like a pregnant mother, almost ready to give birth…So we must take a deep breath, breathe out and PUSH!’ I feel a little anxious about all that still needs doing…but let me count the blessings!

What went well?

  1. I made it all the way to South London and got interviewed by Danni on Periscope and in the WRITE group.
  2. Spent time with Marcelle and booked poetry reading session at Ladbroke Grove Library!
  3. I designed and ordered the promotional materials and bits for launch.
  4. Went out to Hoxton Hall for Jazz Verse Jukebox in Hackney with whole Fam.(Inspiring talent!)
  5. Gave out another 20 tickets to Church family today!Not so well? 2. Put God 1stin my planning.Any more?
  6. 3. Do not give way to fear.( organise daily prayer times with someone).
  7. Well I had some reflection time after church today and got a few suggestions to help:1. Set different alarms for different things
  8. My timing is rubbish at the moment…I’m late for most things. Help!

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