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I am a performance poet, Caribbean songstress, guitarist, dramatist, storyteller and teacher. I have had a keen interest in the performing arts from an early age, taking part in school plays, working on projects at the Royal Court Theatre in Sloane Square and nativity plays at Church.

Following my study of Theatre Arts at Secondary School and Teacher training college I have written, produced and directed several plays. My first play, ‘All That Glitters’ opened at The Avenues Youth Club, in Paddington in 1980, with a cast of 22 young people, with whom I worked as a part-time youth worker. The play was subsequently performed at Tavistock Hall in Harlesden, North-west London, 1981.

During my 11 years at Parliament Hill School, Northwest London, (1983-94), I took responsibility for producing the staff Christmas pantomime, which was tremendous fun, and gave me further opportunity to develop my writing, acting and directing skills, providing much entertainment and a great feeling of well-being and enjoyment for both staff and students.

More recently, as a school teacher at Canons High, I have taught English and Drama at KS3 and worked with students throughout the school resulting, in my writing the play ‘Lyrical Snapshots of Black History’, which was performed at the school’s International Evening in 2004. In addition, I have developed Black History units as part of the Drama KS3 curriculum, encouraging students to explore the achievements of people of colour through English and Drama.

I have performed Caribbean folk songs, told Anansi stories and presented my poetry at a range of community events in the UK and Guyana, including the following:

  • SDA Guyanese and Friends Fund Raiser (Dec 2017)
  • Guyana Speaks forum (March 2018) UK
  • Guyana National Library Presentation (April 2018) Guyana
  • World Poetry Day 2018 (An Evening of International, Regional and Guyanese Poets)
  • National Communication Network radio and T.V. interviews: Oral Tradition (Petamber Persaud) Guyana
  • Black History Month launch at Harrow Civic Centre
  • Black History Presentation at ECHG Livingstone House, Harlesden
  • North Kensington Library, Ladbroke Grove,
  • Queens Park Community School, Brent
  • Canons High School, Edgware,
  • Park High School, Edgware
  • Harrow High School, Harrow
  • Loreto College, St Albans
  • All Saints Pre-School, Edgware
  • Stag Lane Infant and Primary School
  • Glade Primary School, RedbridgeDownderry Primary School, Grove Park

In addition, I have run Poetry workshops in schools and community centres, taught songs to students and performed with them at local Primary schools, hospitals and nursing homes. I have also organized several International Evening fund-raising sessions at local venues and performed at other fundraising events in Dagenham.

I have recently published my first poetry anthology called Make It Shine! through Conscious Dreams Publishing. As well as culture and identity, the poetry explores other themes such as education, transition, bullying, spirituality, love and resilience. This collection was launched locally in February and is currently available on Amazon for Kindle or paperback editions. Bulk purchases will be discounted for schools if ordered through me https://www.amazon.co.uk/Make-Shine-Cultural-I…/…/1999809165 Amazon price: £7.99.

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