Sunday Reflections 18/2/18


What went well? What went badly? What will you change?

Sometimes when we end the week on a bit of an overwhelmed note, or it has been marred by a world shocking event like the Florida shootings, it’s hopefully encouraging to remember that ‘it’s always darker before the dawn!’. like one speaker put it, perhaps we are like a pregnant mother, almost ready to give birth…So we must take a deep breath, breathe out and PUSH!’ I feel a little anxious about all that still needs doing…but let me count the blessings!

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FEBRUARY BOOK LAUNCH OF ‘MAKE IT SHINE’ Performance Poetry by Ingrid Dover-Vidal

Book on shelf 

BOOK LAUNCH: Friday 23rd February 2018

Location: Canons High School, Shaldon Road, HA8 6AN

Time: 6.30-8.30pm 




You are warmly invited to join Ingrid in celebrating the publication and launch of her first poetry anthology ‘Make It Shine’, which reflects linguistic diversity in the form of many poetic styles. Ingrid’s themes include School days, resilience and renewal, spiritual and cultural identity.

Ingrid is an author, teacher, Caribbean songstress, guitarist and recently published performance poet. Born in Georgetown Guyana, Ingrid moved to England during the 1960’s, where she nurtured her talents in creative writing, in the vibrant multi-cultural community of Ladbroke Grove.

Ingrid’s poetic pathway reflects the seeds of her faith, family life and delight in her discovery of the rich legacy of ancient civilizations. Ingrid’s passion is to use her love of language and poetic forms to explore subjects which will help to develop the self-esteem of her pupils. Currently as a part time teacher of English, Ingrid continues to seek opportunities to entertain and inspire in both the classroom and the wider community.

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  • The book is currently available on Amazon for pre-order.
  • release date:16th February.