My Poetry Journey: The Early days

Having arrived in the U.K  from Guyana South America, at the tender age of eighteen months, you could be forgiven for thinking that “Well she’s practically English, then – and hardly Guyanese at all! Well my friends… nothing could be further from the truth! For as I grew up and would often hear Mummy and Daddy share stories about this place back home, Guyana quickly became that place of tropical sunshine, where mangoes of all shapes and sizes grew.




New Anthology : Make it shine
Cultural and Inspirational  Poetry
​by Ingrid Dover-Vidal


‘A woman without hope
Gives up
Is wiped out
The hopeful woman
Is encouraged by a victorious end
Her decision enacted
She goes on
and is renewed’

So says Ingrid Dover-Vidal for whom ‘Attitude is everything’. In her forthcoming poetry anthology ‘Make It Shine’,
There are poems which salute and celebrate black heroines and heroes from our past and present, and prepare the way for those  who are willing to shine.
This applies to people from all cultures, in the here and now, and the future.
As well as entertaining her audience with her use of Caribbean dialect, and humorous reflections of “Small Days”, these poems will not fail to inspire, but will also provide moments of appreciation for the rich culturally diverse beginnings that are our inheritance.